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Cast farther than ever

It has been 20 years since ZENAQ started making boat casting rods, and 15 years has passed since we released FOKEETO casting series which has created the standard of world casting game.
And finally in 2017, “the world greatest boat casting rod” is born, named “Tobizo”.
We have invested literally “Everything of ZENAQ” into Tobizo, including all technology of 60 years of rod manufacturing and 20 years of off-shore casting experience.
Moreover, by compositing the latest carbon material TORAY T1100G which is said an innovational material in 20 years, Tobizo has obtained overwhelming rod potential.


What we have pursued was
“Overwhelming Longcast Performance”

The biggest feature of Tobizo is overwhelming longcast-ability. It will definitely bring you a great result than ever before.

<Advantages of Longcast>

You can cast from distant position where you don’t give fish cautiousness. Of course, it’s a big advantage when bait boils at far away.
You can search fish in wider area and trace a lure in longer distance than fellow anglers on the same boat. It definitely changes the result. For example, if each casting performs 10m farther than before, 100 castings make 1,000m (1km) of difference in total distance.
“Conserving angler’s stamina” Exhaustion after whole day of fishing is a quite big. Tobizo allows you to cast far with 80% of your power each time, so a number of casting in one day will increase, as a result probability of catching fish also goes up.


Antithetical subjects, Longcast and Lifting Power

A mere stiff rod doesn’t bring you an advantage in a fight against a huge target, because a stiff rod will not support you to ease tiredness of your body. Without absorbing a pressure from fish, it will directly convey the pressure to your body.

<<True meaning of LIFTING POWER>>

A true meaning of “Lifting Power” is not rod’s stiffness; it is “An Elasticity, which an angler can easily give power to the rod, and A Repulsive Power, which the rod itself lifts fish up by converting the given power from an angler”.
Based on this lifting power, the true casting rod can support the hardest fight against a huge fish that you have to devote all your strength.
However, Longcast and Lifting Power are antithetic, if only lifting power is focused, long castability would be neglected.

<<Super Muscular Carbon Blank>>

Tobizo finally had overcome this antithetic problem of Longcast≠Lifting power; it’s because of a rod making technology of ZENAQ meets the new innovational carbon material of TORAY, TORAYCA® T1100G. TORAY also had solved a big difficulty of carbon fiber, high strength≠high elasticity, at high standard. Moreover, by compositing Nanoalloy® resin, a super muscular carbon blank of Tobizo has been completed.


Advantages of Hexagonal front Grip

Design Patent No.1638907
ZENAQ original front grip “Hexagonal grip” is designed to fit human hands.
This Hexagonal grip, which can be held easily and tightly, gives anglers huge advantages in the field.

1st Advantage

“You can hold a rod with minimum grip strength”
We guess that experienced angler would easily understand how this is effective in the field.
A thing running out the most in a long fight or in a very tough fight is hand grip strength, and if it runs out, your power to lift up the rod will decrease drastically. Also when retrieving with big spinning reel, you have to hold grip really tight to do stable retrieving. However the Hexagonal grip allows you to grip very tightly with small power, so it will ease exhaustion of your muscle, then your performance will last longer with more strength.
Hexagonal grip is necessary to catch a huge target of record class.

2nd Advantage

“For more precise lure control”
When you use heavy lures and make hard lure action, Hexagonal grip helps you to make precise lure control due to stable holding with minimum power. To perform true action of each lure will increase a number of strikes. Since you can save your stamina in lure action, you can concentrate longer time, so eventually a result will be affected in a good way.





  • Rod Specs

    TC80-50G  for Technical game

    Length: 8'0" / Lure: 30-80g / PE Line: MAX#4
    Precise cast control and long casting with RG guide system are the biggest features of TC80-50G which is targeting blue runners and many other species. Not only casting ability, but also it has high lure controllability on approximately 50g plugs with its elastic carbon blank. Even when a situation is very severe, its sensitive tip section will not miss small bites.
    [ TORAY TORAYCA® T1100G ]  [ RG-guide system ]
    <Target fish>
    3~10kg of Yellow tail, Tuna, Bonito, Hiramasa, etc.

    TC80-80G  for All-Round game

    Length: 8'0" / Lure: 50-110g / PE Line: MAX#6
    TC80-80G is the all-round model, best for making longcast with approximately 80g lures and targeting 20kgs class fish. Also, wide range of lures from 40g ~110g can be used, and a combination of the blank and RG guide system makes the total rod ability including casting, lure action, and fighting power very high.
    This super versatile model shows its potential in all times, places, and situations, it will definitely be your great partner that wherever you want to bring.
    [ TORAY TORAYCA® T1100G ]  [ RG-guide system ]
    <Target fish>
    7~20kg of Tuna, Yellow tail, Hiramasa, etc.

    TC86-110G  for Tuna game

    Length: 8'6" / Lure: 70-140g / PE Line: MAX#7
    This model performs the most astounding casting distance among all Tobizo models. With TC86-110G, You can strongly feel the concept of Tobizo series “Cast Farther than Ever”. It’s best match with around 110g lures, and main target is the world beloved target, Bluefin Tuna. Other than its high casting performance, its elastic and repulsive blank shows great standing up against strong run of Tuna and amazing lift power.
    It’s truly the masterpiece of combination of ZENAQ rod manufacturing technology and super carbon TORAYCA®T1100G.
    [ TORAY TORAYCA® T1100G ]  [ Ocean guide ]
    <Target fish>
    15~60kg of Tuna, monstrous blue runners, etc.

    TC83-150G  for Tuna & Trevally

    Length: 8'3" / Lure: 90-180g / PE Line: MAX#8
    Based on the 20 years of experience and super carbon TORAYCA®T1100G, we have polished the blanks potential to the maximum for targeting big tuna and big GT.
    Approximately 150g lures are the best for this rod. The well balanced rod weight reduces exhaustion of your body after all day of fishing. It equips a high durability rate which is definitely required in fishing trip.
    The real knowledge from many experiences of ZENAQ is in Tobizo, Tobizo will be the new standard.
    [ TORAY TORAYCA® T1100G ]  [ Ocean guide ]
    <Target fish>
    20~80kg of Tuna, Giant Trevally, etc.

    TC80-200G  for Trevally

    Length: 8'0" / Lure: 120-230g / PE Line: MAX#10
    The strongest model of Tobizo, TC80-200G for monster class of Tuna and GT. Belly section which can cast around 200g lures and butt section which lift fish in instant from the reef area are well-combined seamlessly. Muscular blank of TC80-200G based on TORAYCA®T1100G is easy to handle despite its strength, and its improved integrity will be the greatest weapon of expert anglers.
    [ TORAY TORAYCA® T1100G ]  [ Ocean guide ]
    <Target fish>
    30gk~ more than 100kg of monstrous Tuna, monstrous Giant Trevally, etc.


  • Interantional Guarantee

    All ZENAQ rods come with an international guarantee card.
    Japanese domestic guarantee card is invalid outside of Japan.


    International guarantee Policy


    • An international guarantee card is valid once when a rod is broken (snapped).
    • Guarantee is applied only for repairing the indicated rod on a guarantee card.
    • A broken rod is repaired for the guarantee price written on a guarantee card.
    • Guarantee expiration date is when 3 years have passed from product discontinuance. However, we can still repair afterwards as long as we have repair components.
    • A guarantee price is paid for repairing each piece (section). For example, to repair 2 pieces (sections), a customer needs to pay double.
    • After the second time of breaking, we will repair it with an original part price.


    How to make a repair request


    • Repair request needs to be made through the shop where you purchased the product.
    • To apply a guarantee price, we need a guarantee card and a broken rod.
      Please bring the card and the rod to a shop and send it over to ZENAQ head office in Japan.
      A guarantee price and shipping cost are charged to the customer.

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