The new heartbeat of ZENAQ.
Offshore casting rod "SINPAA" for specialists


The Zenaq Sinpaa is Zenaq's latest addition to its offshore casting lineup. Made to bridge the gap between the TC80-80G model and the TC86-110G of the Tobizo series, the Sinpaa contains many of the same features found in its cousin. One such feature borrowed from the Tobizo is Zenaq's ergonomic Hexagon Grip. The Hexagon Grip makes putting pressure on big game species easier, without tiring-out the angler. In addition, the Sinpaa features Assist guides, reducing line tangling at the tip section, and helping to evenly distribute heavy loads throughout the blank. The rod's action is conducive to throwing larger floating lures, including poppers and floating stickbaits, and is suitable for fighting larger game saltwater species, while remaining enjoyable for the angler.


Model Length Lure Rating (g) PE Max Closed Length (cm.) Average Rod Weight (g)



8'3" 65 - 130 8 183 340
  • Interantional Guarantee

    All ZENAQ rods come with an international guarantee card.
    Japanese domestic guarantee card is invalid outside of Japan.


    International guarantee Policy


    • An international guarantee card is valid once when a rod is broken (snapped).
    • Guarantee is applied only for repairing the indicated rod on a guarantee card.
    • A broken rod is repaired for the guarantee price written on a guarantee card.
    • Guarantee expiration date is when 3 years have passed from product discontinuance. However, we can still repair afterwards as long as we have repair components.
    • A guarantee price is paid for repairing each piece (section). For example, to repair 2 pieces (sections), a customer needs to pay double.
    • After the second time of breaking, we will repair it with an original part price.


    How to make a repair request


    • Repair request needs to be made through the shop where you purchased the product.
    • To apply a guarantee price, we need a guarantee card and a broken rod.
      Please bring the card and the rod to a shop and send it over to ZENAQ head office in Japan.
      A guarantee price and shipping cost are charged to the customer.

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