A slow action jigging rod “FOKEETO Whippy” which is totally the opposite action of mainstream of Jigging rod. Whippy was designed to bring better result in tough situation by its unique flexible rod action that catches even small bites. This series have been making many record catches all over that world in many years of experience.

  • Rod Specs

    FB62-Zero Whippy / FS62-Zero Whippy

    Length: 6'2" / Lure: -120g / PE Line: MAX#1.5

    Whippy Zero is originally built to use long jigs for light line (PE 0.8~1.5) cutlass fishing. On top of that, these models have been used perfectly for various types of light jigging including micro jigging. Designed with a long end grip and exact guide settings.

    FB63-2 Whippy / FS63-2 Whippy

    Length: 6'3" / Lure: 40-130g / PE Line: MAX#3

    One of the most versatile line-up in Whippy series. They were built for fishing near coastal waters(20-60m) and with the best jig weight around the 70~90g class range. Built with a flexible tip and powerful backbone, these rods can handle fish up to 10kg!! Length 6’3” is perfect for using long jigs with a one-pitch jerking action, as well as, slow fall action.

    FB63-4 Whippy / FS63-4 Whippy

    Length: 6'3" / Lure: 50-170g / PE Line: MAX#4Another versatile model in the Whippy series. Whether your fishing in shallow water or in depths around 80m, this set of rods will widely support you. We recommend using jigs in the 90~120g class range. These rods may feel soft comparing to a regular jigging rod, but you will be surprised on how much torque they possess when fish is on.

    FB63-5 Whippy / FS63-5 Whippy

    Length: 6'3" / Lure: 70-210g / PE Line: MAX#4

    Whippy 63-5 is a reinforced model of Whippy 4 to adopt to wider areas in the world. While it has a similar softness with Whippy 63-4, it shows exceptional butt power in the fight. They are a perfect match when fishing in 100~150m of water with jigs between 70~190g. You will find that these rods really excel when fished with jigs in the 110~170g class range.

    FB62-6 Whippy

    Length: 6'2" / Lure: 90-250g / PE Line: MAX#5

    FS63-6 Whippy

    Length: 6'3" / Lure: 90-250g / PE Line: MAX#5
    #6 power Whippy is great for fighting yellowfin tuna in Payaos, amberjacks in deepwater, big dogtooth tuna, and any target in strong currents. Its soft belly section and torqueful backbone will increase catches of big fish without anxiety. For maximum performance we recommend use jigs around the 170g class in 70m~200m deep. The length is perfect for slide jerk jigging with long jigs and also one-pitch jerk jigging.

  • Interantional Guarantee

    All ZENAQ rods come with an international guarantee card.
    Japanese domestic guarantee card is invalid outside of Japan.

    International guarantee Policy


    • An international guarantee card is valid once when a rod is broken (snapped).
    • Guarantee is applied only for repairing the indicated rod on a guarantee card.
    • A broken rod is repaired for the guarantee price written on a guarantee card.
    • Guarantee expiration date is when 3 years have passed from product discontinuance. However, we can still repair afterwards as long as we have repair components.
    • A guarantee price is paid for repairing each piece (section). For example, to repair 2 pieces (sections), a customer needs to pay double.
    • After the second time of breaking, we will repair it with an original part price.


    How to make a repair request


    • Repair request needs to be made through the shop where you purchased the product.
    • To apply a guarantee price, we need a guarantee card and a broken rod.
      Please bring the card and the rod to a shop and send it over to ZENAQ head office in Japan.
      A guarantee price and shipping cost are charged to the customer.

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