New Generation Offshore Jigging rod

Super high elastic offshore Jigging rod, FOKEETO IKARI which equips our new invention “IKARI BLANK” (PAT.P). The FOKEETO IKARI is very thin, but performs with phenomenal breaking strength and overwhelming repulsive force.
Super high elasticity and bendable action hugely improves jig control ability. It can perfectly control long jig, short jig, slow jig, and others with one rod. Previously, these different types of jigs had needed different types of rods to show the real action.
Moreover, its phenomenal breaking strength gives huge power in fight against fish, and you can fully stand a rod. It has never been possible with high elastic rods before.
FOKEETO IKARI will take you to the new stage of offshore jigging, and it will amplify the fun of fishing.


What is “IKARI BLANK”?

IKARI blank is “Carbon x Carbon Structure” which means carbon core is built into a super high elastic carbon.
A normal blank is tubular (inside is hollow), but IKARI blank incorporates carbon material inside of the blank as its core.
This outstanding blank breaks the common knowledge of “High elastic rod = easy to break” by its phenomenal breaking strength with high elasticity.
The biggest characteristics of IKARI blank, Breaking strength, Repulsive force, and Sensitivity, will make a clear distinction from other blanks before.



Guides On All Modesl : Fuji Titanium frame +TORZITE ring guide


  • Rod Specs

    FB63-1  IKARI  Bait model

    Length: 6'3" / Jig: ~120g / Line: PE# ~1.5
    High-pitch jerk, one-pitch jerk, slow-pitch jerk, using heavier jigs for making slower jig action, etc. FB63-1 is a special technical rod for responding to anglers’ several demands. Composed high elastic carbon gives the blank repulsive power, and a built-in carbon core accelerates its torque and durability.
    This model can be used for light jigging and scabbard fish game.
    Recommended PE Line Max #1.5 / Shock Leader Max 30lb.
    Recommended reel size: Shimano 200~300 class / Daiwa 100~200 class

    FS63-1.5  IKARI  Spinning model

    Length: 6'3" / Jig: ~130g / Line: PE#~1.5
    Like other FOKEETO IKARI models, it performs perfect jig action in high-pitch jerk, one-pitch jerk, etc, and it’s easy to make a small cast and search wider area. In accordance with situations or target fish, it shows its higher rod potential than usual specialized rods which existed before.
    This model works perfectly in light jigging.
    Recommended PE Line Max #1.5 / Shock Leader Max 30lb.
    Recommended reel size: Shimano 3000~5000 class / Daiwa 3000~4000 class
    FB63-3  IKARI  Bait model

    Length: 6'3" / Jig: ~170g(Short)  ~240g(Long) / Line: PE#0.8~2
    Technical model for fishing near coastal waters and in strong current which requires thinner PE line.
    Control several types of jigs such as slow jig, short jig, semi-long jig, and long jig with thin PE line.
    Recommended PE Line Max #2 / Shock Leader Max 40lb.
    Recommended reel size: Shimano 1000~1500 class / Daiwa 10~15 class

    FB63-3  IKARI

    FB64-5  IKARI  Bait model

    Length: 6'4" / Jig: ~210g(Short)  ~280g(Long) / Line: PE#1.5~2.5
    FOKEETO IKARI standard model for all types of jigs in various area.
    For coastal waters ~ more than 100m deep area. Targeting middle to large blue runners and rockfish.
    Recommended PE Line Max #2.5 / Shock Leader Max 50lb.
    Recommended reel size: Shimano 1500~2000 class / Daiwa 15~35 class

    FB64-5  IKARI FS64-5.5  IKARI  Spinning model

    Length: 6'4" / Jig: ~210g(Short)  ~280g(Long) / Line: PE#1.5~3
    Spinning model of FB64-5, but its butt section is reinforced for bringing out usability and potential of a spinning model.
    It performs high rod controllability unique to a spinning rod.
    Recommended PE Line Max #3 / Shock Leader Max 50lb.
    Recommended reel size: Shimano SW 5000~6000 class / Daiwa SW 3500~4000 class

  • Interantional Guarantee

    All ZENAQ rods come with an international guarantee card.
    Japanese domestic guarantee card is invalid outside of Japan.

    International guarantee Policy


    • An international guarantee card is valid once when a rod is broken (snapped).
    • Guarantee is applied only for repairing the indicated rod on a guarantee card.
    • A broken rod is repaired for the guarantee price written on a guarantee card.
    • Guarantee expiration date is when 3 years have passed from product discontinuance. However, we can still repair afterwards as long as we have repair components.
    • A guarantee price is paid for repairing each piece (section). For example, to repair 2 pieces (sections), a customer needs to pay double.
    • After the second time of breaking, we will repair it with an original part price.


    How to make a repair request


    • Repair request needs to be made through the shop where you purchased the product.
    • To apply a guarantee price, we need a guarantee card and a broken rod.
      Please bring the card and the rod to a shop and send it over to ZENAQ head office in Japan.
      A guarantee price and shipping cost are charged to the customer.

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