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  • Hearty Rise SITENKIBA III

    Continuing the superior performance of the SITENKIBA series, we designed this SITENKIBA III specifically for waters deeper than 100 meters, allowing the fisherman to accurately drop the Slow Jigging to the designated location in the deep waters. It is also a strong attraction for benthic fish. Combining the 1st and 2nd generations to adjust to a narrower shape, to reduce the resistance when the line is closed, so that it is more stable and not drifting when it slides down. It is an excellent weapon to challenge deep waters.

    Weight:210,g 250g、290g、340g、4505


    • Specs


      40g 8.8cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL、PYBL
      60g 10.2cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL、PYBL
      80g 11.2cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL、PYBL
      100g 12cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL、PYBL
      140g   WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      170g   WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      210g 15.1cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      250g   WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      290g 16.8cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      340g   WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      450g 19.5cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      550g 20.8cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      650g 21.9cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
      800g 23.4cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、PLL
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