Hearty Rise Slow Deep II

Hearty Rise Slow Deep II

Continuing and based on the original generation of SLOW DEEP, We are happy to present the new and better vwersion of the Slow Deep Jig with new Slow Deep Deep II.  A longer shape speeds up the diving effectively and the fillister design at the bottom part makes it keep high stability and prevent from over-swinging when reeling in line in addition to a more bouncer effect.

The unique shape and materials create great efficacious to attract deep water or bottom fish, especially for those species that hard to be attracted by normal jigs and incentivizes them strike.


By operating the tip slightly, you can change to every direction easily and with a gentler motion you can make it move slower.


It allows you to search the target level by turns and make fish lose their wariness and strike.


  • Specs

    Weight Length Color
    140g 10.6cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
    170g 11.4cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
    210g 12.3cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
    250g 13.0cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
    290g 13.6cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
    340g 14.4cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
    450g 15.8cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
    500g 16.3cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
    650g 16.9cm WTL、BUL、BPL、PKL、GNL、ORL
$16.99 Regular Price
$13.59Sale Price