GooFish Speed Jigging PE 3-6

GooFish Speed Jigging PE 3-6

Goofish Solid Nano Tech Fast Jigging Rods.

One of the best Best Vertical Jigging Rods.


Super strong and durable Fast jiggin rod of finest Nano Toryca Carbon fibers. 

Solid Blank with high sensativty tip. 

These rods are super powerful to the point that if you brake it on a fish we will give you full worrenty for a year. Brake rod and we will send you a replacment, you just need to cover a small shipping charge. 

Fugie reel seat and fujie guids. 


  • Speed Jigging Rod Pecs

    Braid PE Size: 3-6

    Section : 1 (one peace blank)

    Jig Range Max: 500gm

    Rond Lengeth: 1.68cm

    Max Brake Test: 12KG

    Weghit Bait Casting Model: 241gm

    Weghit Spining Model: 239gm

    Tip Diameter: 2.5mm

    But Diamter : 9.5mm

    Number of guiuds Casting: 6

    Number of guiuds Spining: 6