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Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging

A Daiwa Saltiga BJ Spin Reel is an investment in fishing excellence. This spin series is for the angler that has mastered their sport and seeks only the best equipment the industry has to offer. The Saltiga name needs no introduction. Its pedigree is still unsurpassed, it sets the bench mark in top shelf spin reels and remains the choice of anglers who refuse to compromise.

The Saltiga BJ is all about testing your metal. Light kit and you versus a larger category of fish. A whopping 10kg of Automatic Tournament Drag, Hyper Digi Gear and 12 mag sealed bearings provide the strength and performance to pit your 3500 or 4000 against fish such as Yellowtail King fish, Cobia, Dolphin Fish and other surface hunters that laugh in the face of bigger reels. With a Saltiga BJ Fishing Reel, it is all about the sport. Catching bigger, heavier, with smaller, lighter fishing equipment.

Feel the sensitivity of Air Rotor, the strength of Daiwa’s Monocoque body, the silky-smooth crank of 12 mag sealed bearings, the synchronicity of Hyper DigiGear, the ground-breaking technology in the ATD drag system as well as casting manners that will impress the most discerning of lure anglers.

  • Specs

    Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per
    Handle Turn
    Line Capacity
    (Lb. Test / Yards)
    SABAYJ3500H-JDM 12 (2MBB, 9CRBB, 1BB, 1RB) 5.7:1 38.2” 15.2 MONO: 12/300,14/220
    J-BRAID: 20/330, 30/220
    SABAYJ4000H-JDM 12 (2MBB, 9CRBB, 1BB, 1RB) 4.9:1 33.9” 15.2 MONO: 12/300, 14/220
    J-BRAID: 20/330, 30/220
  • Details

    • One Piece Aluminum Frame - Monocoque Body
    • 13 bearing system 2-MBB, 9-CRBB, 1-BB and 1-RB
    • HYPER DIGIGEAR - Harder grade of Brass and larger
    • MAGSEALED- Reduces water and debris from traveling down the shaft 
    • 3500H (Gear Ratio 5.7 : 1)
    • 4000 (Gear Ratio 4.9 : 1)




    Saltiga models feature the Magsealed ball bearing. Magnetic oil bridges the gap between the inner and outer bearing races—keeping the elements out.



    Magnetic Oil is one of a new generation of Nano Fluids that can change density and shape when a magnetic field is applied.



    Last up to 12 times longer than standard stainless steel ball bearings.

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